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Ol Nitelan
Motto"Je maintiendrai"  (Tok Pranis)
"Ik zal handhaven"  (Tok Ol Nitelan)
"I shall stand fast"1
Singsing"Het Wilhelmus"
Location of the  Ol Nitelan  (burnt orange)– on the European continent  (camel & white)– in the European Union  (camel)                  [Legend]
Location of the  Ol Nitelan  (burnt orange)

– on the European continent  (camel & white)
– in the European Union  (camel)                  [Legend]

(and largest city)
52°21′N 04°52′E / 52.35°N 4.867°E / 52.35; 4.867
Tokples bilong gavman Tok Ol Nitelan3
Ethnic groups  80.9% Dutchmen
  2.4% Germans
  2.4% IndonesiansTemplet:Fact
  2.0% Surinamese
12.3% others
Nem bilong manmeri Dutch
Gavman Parliamentary democracy
Constitutional monarchy
 -  Monarch Queen Beatrix
 -  Prime Minister Mark Rutte
Independence (Eighty Years' War
 -  Declared Julai 26 1581 
 -  Recognised January 30 16484 
EU accession March 25 1957
 -  Olgeta 41,526 km2 (134th)
16,033 sq mi 
 -  Wara (%) 18.41
 -  2007 estimate 16,570,613 (61st)
 -  2001 census 16,105,285 
 -  Densiti 395/km2 (23rd)
1,023/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2006 estimate
 -  Olgeta $541 Billion (23rd)
 -  Long wanwan manmeri $35,078 (10th)
GDP (nominal) 2005 estimate
 -  Olgeta $625.271 billion (16th)
 -  Long wanwan manmeri $38,618 (10th)
HDI (2006) Green Arrow Up Darker.svg 0.947 (high) (10th)
Karansi Euro ()5 (EUR)
Taim hap CET (UTC+1)
 -  Sama (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Intanet kod .nl6
Telefon kod 31
1 The literal translation of the motto is "I will maintain". Here "maintain" is taken to mean to stand fast or to hold ground.
2 The Hague is the seat of the government.
3 West Frisian is also an official language in the Netherlands, although only spoken in Friesland; Dutch Low Saxon and Limburgish are officially recognised as regional languages.
4 Peace of Westphalia.
5 Prior to 2002: Dutch guilder.
6 The .eu domain is also used, as it is shared with other European Union member states.


Dispela Ol Nitelan (Tok Ol Nitelan: Templet:Odo, Templet:IPA2) is dispela Yropin pat bilong dispela Ol kingdom bilong dispela Nitelan, wis konsists bilong dispela Ol Nitelan, dispela Netherlands Antilles and Aruba in the Caribbean. The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, located in Western Europe. It is bordered by the North Sea to the north and west, Belgium to the south, and Germany to the east.

(Dispela pes Ol Nitelan em i liklik tumas. Yu inap raitim moa sapos yu laik halivim Wikipedia. Hau?)