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Templet:Dabnav This is the {{disambig}} template.

Important: Please do not subst: this template.

This is a general-purpose template, to be placed at the bottom of any article that exists to help readers find other articles with the same or similar names. This concept is called disambiguation and is used with many common words, such as cross, life and work. This template automatically adds articles to the Category:Disambiguation pages.

Page title fix[edit source]

In the event that the page title is causing an error, such as what happened at ***, add the parameter: |page-title = page title . Thus, the *** page would use the syntax: {{disambig |page-title = ***}} .

Variant templates[edit source]

For disambiguation pages requiring cleanup, use {{disambig-cleanup}}.

More specific, alternative templates exist, for disambiguation pages or set index articles whose entries are limited exclusively to items of a particular type.

For set index articles:

Parameters[edit source]

Sometimes there isn't a specific disambig template (see list above) that fits for a page, or the page has items in more than one of the above classes. Then use {{disambig}} but with one or more parameters telling which categories to use. Up to ten parameters can be fed, and in any order. Like this:


Only add a parameter if the disambig page has several items of that type.

For pages that need clean-up use {{disambig-cleanup}}, it understands the same parameters.

Note that {{disambig}} might not have parameters for all subcategories of Category:Disambiguation pages, then you have to manually add the category to the disambig page.

Alternative names[edit source]

For those who can't remember how this template's name is abbreviated, the {{disambiguation}}, {{disamb}} and {{dab}} templates all redirect to {{disambig}}.

Technical details[edit source]

Internally this template uses {{dmbox}}. That template categorises pages into Category:Ol pes bilong kliaim ol link.

This template uses {{disambig/cat}} to handle the categorisation parameters such as "hospital" and "school".

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