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This template is designed to replace the classical list-item marker of an interlanguage link (square) by a gold star (Monobook-bullet-star.png) to indicate that the article of this Wikipedia’s language edition was promoted to the Featured Article status (for more details about these articles and the criteria associated to their status, see Wikipedia:Featured articles in other languages).

Usage[senisim | edit source]

To use this template, add {{Link FA|xx}}, where xx is the language code of the Wikipedia on which it has been featured. This template doesn't replace the classical interwiki, you have to use them both to get an interlanguage link with a gold star.

Example[senisim | edit source]

Suppose Flimble is a featured article on the German Wikipedia. Then before the list of interlanguage links ([[de:Flimble]]), simply add {{Link FA|de}} in the wikitext. If you're using the monobook skin, the star will appear next to the de: link, just like the link to the Afrikaans version of this template.

Mechanism[senisim | edit source]

It works by creating an invisible span with id="interwiki-lang-fa" where lang is a specific language code. Function LinkFA() in Mediawiki:Common.js recognizes this invisible span and adds a special FA class to the corresponding interwiki link. All interwiki links with FA class are given a special bullet Monobook-bullet-star.png with CSS rule in Mediawiki:Monobook.css.

The star is displayed only if the skin used is MonoBook (default).

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