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Kadinol daireksion

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A compass rose showing the cardinal directions

Kadinol direksion o kadinol point bin ol fo big direksion o point bilong kampas: not, ist, saut na west. Dis direksion bin tu raitim long smol we as N, I, S and W long Tok Pisin.

North and south are directed towards the north and south poles of the Earth. The Earth's rotation defines east and west. The sun rises in the morning on east, and sets in the evening on west.

If a needle is magnetised and allowed to move freely (for example floated on water) it will align itself with the Earth's magnetic field which is almost in the same direction with north. The direction of the needle in this situation is called magnetic north which differs from geographical north by few degrees.

Cardinal directions in world cultures[senisim | edit source]

Through history, different cultures have given different values to each direction. For example, long culture bilong Esia, each daireksion is given a kola, as follows:

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