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Yumi wetim wanpela manmeri husat i save gut long Tok Pisin long stretim stail bilong dispela pes.
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Ol Yunaitet Meksiken Stet
Estados Unidos Mexicanos
SingsingHimno Nacional Mexicano
Location of Meksiko
(and largest city)
Mexico City
19°03′N 99°22′W / 19.05°N 99.367°W / 19.05; -99.367
Tokples bilong gavman None at federal level
Tok Spen (de facto)1
Nem bilong manmeri Mexican
Gavman Presidential Federal republic
 -  President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Independence from Spain 
 -  Declared September 16 1810 
 -  Recognized September 27 1821 
 -  Wara (%) 2.5
 -  2007 estimate 108,700,891 (11th)
 -  2005 census 103,263,388 
GDP (PPP) 2006 estimate
 -  Olgeta $1.149 trillion (12th)
 -  Long wanwan manmeri $11,249 (63rd)
GDP (nominal) 2005 estimate
 -  Olgeta $840.012 billion (short scale) (13th)
 -  Long wanwan manmeri $8,066 (55th)
Gini (2002) 49.5 (high
HDI (2004) Templet:Profit0.821 (high) (53rd)
Karansi Peso (MXN)
Taim hap (UTC-8 to -6)
 -  Sama (DST) varies (UTC)
Intanet kod .mx
Telefon kod 52
1 See languages note (below): [1]

Meksiko i wanpela kantri bilong Not Amerika.

Referens[senisim | edit source]

  1. There is no official language stipulated in the constitution. However, the General Law of Linguistic Rights for the Indigenous Peoples recognizes all Amerindian minority languages therein spoken, along with Spanish, as "national languages" and "equally valid" in territories where spoken.