Long Wikipedia

(English) Hi! Welcome to the Tok Pisin Wikipedia. We're a small community, and there's plenty to do here.

Even if you are not confident in Tok Pisin, no problem! Feel free to create and edit articles using basic or beginner Tok Pisin. Just add this to the bottom of the page you're editing: {{TPreview}} That will mark the page to be reviewed by a fluent Tok Pisin speaker.

If you want any help, stop by at my talk page, and leave a message. Remember to sign a message with four tildes (like this: ~~~~) - that helps me to see who is leaving the message. Haus bilong toktok is our community discussion page.

Take care, and have a good day!

(Tok Pisin) Gude! Welkom long Tok Pisin Wikipedia. Yumi liklik komiuniti tasol, na planti wok istap.

Sapos yu no save gut long Tok Pisin, yu inap senisim ol pes yet. Putim dispela long ananit bilong pes yu senisim: {{TPreview}} Em bai salim toksave olsem pes i nidim wanpela manmeri husat i save gut long Tok Pisin long stretim.

Sapos yu gat kwesten o askim o toktok, yu inap go long toktok pes bilong mi na raitim liklik pas long en. Long pinis bilong toktok bilong yu, bai yu raitim fopela tilde, olsem: ~~~~ . Na tu Haus bilong toktok emi pes we yumi inap toktok long olgeta samting long dispela Wikipedia.

Lukim yu!