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Public domain This movie or image from movie is now in the public domain because in July 2006, a Japanese court ruled that all movies produced in Japan prior to 1953 were exempt from a change of copyright law changing the term for cinematographic works from 50 years after publication to 70 years. [1][2][3].

However, the Tokyo District Court ruled on 17 September 2007 that films by Akira Kurosawa (died 1998) remain copyrighted until 2036, arguing that an older pre-1970 law applies. That old law kept copyright protection for 38 years after the creator's death.

In 2008 Intellectual Property High Court rules Kurosawa still under copyright - Akira Kurosawa News. The report states "Japanese Intellectual Property High Court ruling that establishes the Tokyo District Court’s September 2007 decision to be correct," and that "the preceding judge Nobuyoshi Tanaka is quoted as stressing that “the copyright over films is protected for 38 years from the year after the death of the director”."

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