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Toktok:Hiri Motu

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It is not true that "all coastal people know Hiri Motu".

Change[edit source]

I changed the paragraph that used to state that all beach dwellers speak Motu, which was a pretty broad generalization that isn't at all true in some areas. If anybody sees a problem with the change feel free to say something, or change it again, as long as we stay away from saying that everybody on the coasts speaks this when many of them don't. Wakaro 11:09, 26 December 2007 (UTC)

PNG bi-lingual Wikipedias[edit source]

  I find it absolutely revealing that this very short but informative article is written completely in PNG pijin English, but that this discussion section ("talk talk") is written (so far, anyway) completely in English -- PNG's national language.  English is also the language of contemporary information exchange between anyone/everyone in PNG who uses online, repeat, online resources like Wikipedia.

  English, quite obviously, is the author's primary language. My guess is the author is someone who will more than likely to turn out to be either an academic, expat, or both (if the author ever writes a user page here or in the English Wikipedia). If you doubt, ridicule, disparage, spit upon, or otherwise disagree with my opinion, I challenge any reader/editor or TPI administrator to list any other online, computer-based references or resources written exclusively in Tok Pisin.

  When I asked to have, and was granted, temporary TPI administrator privileges in June/July 2007 so I could revive a then completely moribund TPI Wikipedia and Wiktionary (as they have again become thanks to expat New Zealander Matt's (a.k.a. "wantok") obliteration of all the work I had spent many hours doing to revise and create a useful, PNG-oriented, bilingual TPI-English online Wikipedia. The "nationalistic" zeal Matt had to delete and destroy all my hard work and then rewrite all tabs and editing language in TPI without giving any thought at all to who, realistically, would use an all-TPI Wikipedia and Wiktionary for reference or information was, I sincerely believe, inexcusably egocentric.

  The driving force behind my efforts as the temporary TPI Wikipedia/Wiktionary administrator was to make revise the TPI Wikipedia/Wiktionary in such a way that NGO's and corporate expat's could use the TPI Wikipedia/Wiktionary to be learn about PNG and Tok Pisin in an informed, encyclopedic way, but at the same time revising the TPI-Wikipedia so that the many, many tribal and local languages or dialects (such as Hiri Motu) could be, would be able to also be included as translations of any TPI/English article included in the two TPI/English-Wikis.  Conscious of the disaster of the continuing, rapid loss of PNG's and Melanesia's tribal languages, I had hoped that the TPI-Wikipedia could be used as a way to help preserve the languages and dialects that are being lost. I had restructured the TPI Wiktionary so that tribal variations of the same word could also be included -- a labor of love that Matt, aka "wantok also obliterated and destroyed in his zeal to make the two TPI Wikis TPI-exclusive.

  Where I came to grief with Matt and one of the many narrow-minded Wikipedia administrators was my action of banishing by deletion, as TPI-administrator, what I considered to be any robot-generated stub article not related to PNG or Micronesia in general.  It was, then and still is, my personal belief that the proliferation of non-human, software-generated, automatically placed articles in Wikipedias through the use of software "spiders" (robots) inserting so-called 'articles' about one's hometown is a prostitution of the Wikipedia idea and concept.  Why it was, is, and continues to be, allowed indiscrimantly by the Wikipedia overseers/high level administrators is far beyond me.  Case in point: Look into the so-called "list" of other-language Wikipedias in which 'translated' TPI Wikipedia articles appear and see how many are really anything more than just stubs.

  I've given thought to petitioning not only for appointment again as a TPI administrator, but also to have this TPI Wikipedia reverted back to it's June 2007 version.  My request for reversion and TPI administrator privileges would include giving me the ability to archive all existing stub TPI articles (articles less than 250 words) in an archive section of the Wikipedia, and retaining, intact, all TPI articles of more than 175 words.  But don't panic yet -- it's more than likely the TPI Wikipedia will eventually be deleted by the Administration for lack of editorial content and little insertion of human-edited, non-robotic articles -- a proliferation-reducing process that's already underway.

K. Kellogg-Smith 13:17, 14 September 2010 (UTC)