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Please stop this behaviour[edit source]

This is your final warning. Continue on this path and the community will eventually block you from editing.

You have been asked many times now NOT TO REPLACE TOK PISIN WITH ENGLISH, yet you continue to do it and continue not to respond to messages. Apologies for using capitals, but your recent behaviour has been disruptive and anti-community.

The first thing you need to do, if you really want to improve this wikipedia, is to learn to communicate. That is the most important thing. When you get a note on your talk page, respond (either on your own talk page or on the talk page of whoever left the message). Your pattern of behaviour has been to ignore all messages - that is unacceptable when your editing is at issue.

Secondly, and this must be the fifth time you have been asked, do not replace existing Tok Pisin pages (even if they are stubs) with pages copied from the English Wikipedia, unless they are translated into Tok Pisin.

Thirdly, you clearly have almost no knowledge of Tok Pisin. I don't mean that as an insult or anything - it's just a statement of obvious fact, as a fluent speaker. I strongly recommend you learn the language to some extent before attempting to do translation work on the Tok Pisin Wikipedia. Your attempts so far have been almost pure transliteration - changing the spelling of English words into a kind of phonetic form. That is not Tok Pisin. All it does is create work for others to clean up the mess.

Fourthly, please explain why you have now created three different users (Larabci User, User and Yusakopa). That is known as "sock-puppetry" and is unacceptable.

I appreciate that you have made some good contributions here, but frankly most of your work has just created a mess for others to clean up. Please reconsider your approach - and the first step is to engage in dialogue with your fellow editors.

Wantok (toktok) 00:53, 14 November 2007 (UTC)