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Yu ken halivim[edit source]

Sapos yu laik halivim dispela ensiklopedia i gat mo pes na toksave, plis ridim dispela pes

Long raitim stret[edit source]

Mi tingting olsem sapos yumi yusim nupela tok i kam long Tok Inglis olsem officer, Commissioner, Training Course, Development, o narapela tok i kam long Tok Inglis, dispela yumi raitim long stretpela raitim bilong TP olsem ofisa, komisena, trening kos, o divlopmen. Yu tingting dispela i gut o nogat?
--Tripela 12:22, 5 May 2005 (UTC)

Ating dispela i gut, tasol Tok Pisin bilong me i nogut, na mi me yusim tok long Tok Inglis. Yu ken oraitim mi.. Caffelice 21:41, 26 December 2005 (UTC)

Long patisipetim Wikipedia[edit source]

Nau Tok Pisin Wikipedia em i gat 1,624 pes tasol. Em i liklik, tasol i got planti toksave yet long Graun, ples na kantri, Lotu, femas manmeri bilong Graun, na narapela toktok. Olgeta man o meri i gat edukesen i mas patisipet long dispela projek na halivim! Plis halivim long mekim gutpela mo! Halvim long painim narapela man o meri long PNG i ken raitim kainkain toksave tu. Tankyu tru!
--Tripela 12:22, 5 May 2005 (UTC) Mi wanbel tasol long dispela tok. Yes yumi mas raitim TP long wei bilong tok pisin. mi minim olsem Development long inglis mas kamap olsem divelopmen long tok pisin. Sapos yu raitim ol dispela wed long tok inglis em bai ino inap kamap gut. em tasol hap liklik hanmak bilong mi.

Mipela i painim administreta[edit source]

The Tok Pisin Wikipedia needs an administrator. I can not handle this task because I have very poor computer computer skills. But we need someone to clean up pages, delete, organise redirects and help with the navigation menus.

While I'm not sure what being an administrator involves, I can probably handle the task. My Tok Pisin still isn't very good, but I can handle cleanup and the like. --WurdBendur 08:29, 18 August 2005 (UTC)

Nem bilong ol baton igo long ol pes (Navigesen)[edit source]

Plis halivim tanim dispela tok i go long TP:

Navigation Navigesen

  • Main Page Pes Fran
I am kind of puzzled by this one, actually. Did I suggest it (maybe). Maybe Pes bilong fran would be better (but I'm not sure)--Milaiklainim 11:27, 12 February 2006 (UTC)
Ating "bikpes" i gutpela, tasol em i nupela tok ating. Em i olsem "bikples" o "bikrot" - long ol dispela tok, mining bilong "bik" i klostu Inglis "main", em nau?. (Maybe "bikpes" would work, though it's probably a new TP word. It's similar to "bikples" or "bikrot" - in these words, the meaning is close to "main", how about that? Crshir 03:33, 12 April 2007 (UTC)
  •     First of all, I give great credit to the originator(s) of this Wikipedia and its companion Wiktionary.  The originators appear to be students, not native speakers of the language.  The difficulties of remote, non-native speakers converting basic Wikipedia/Wiktionary functionalities to their Tok Pisin equivalents is clearly a major challenge. The Hawaiian Wikipedia ( faced similar problems, except that the originators were local and had the benefit of studying Hawaiian in situ.  Even so, that Wikipedia strongly suggests that articles be written by native or second-language speakers, or advanced students, not well intentioned writers who create their text with the aid of a dictionary.  Even so, unlike Tok Pisin, the Hawaiians haven't yet come up with a Hawaiian dictionary.
         As for the Main page title here, Tok Pisin is English-based, and follows (for the most part) simple English grammar rules. Rarely do (if ever) English speakers place an adjective after the noun it modifies. However, Tok Pisin does have situtations where adjectives are placed after nouns (e.g., from Mikhalic, man nogud and bikpela tumas).  However, I don't believe Pes Fran is grammatically correct.  The phrase, as used here, also doesn't follow Wikipedia's rule on the use of initial caps, which is that initial caps are to be used only on the first word of article titles and section headings.
         On the Internet the Tok Pisin service of Radio Australia uses the tab "Fran Pes" for its home page; on mouseover on the tab you're given the English translation "Tok Pisin Home".  Since the vocabulary and grammar of ABC's Tok Pisin service is authoritative and definitive, my suggestion is that this Wikipedia follow the ABC's convention and rename it's main page Fran pes.  If the Administrator(s) of this Wikipedia are not sure how to rename an article, perhaps the Administrators at Wikimedia will be able to assist?
    There are many, many tasks that need to be done to complete the job of making this Wikipedia a standalone Tok Pisin product instead of an Tok Pisin/English hybrid.  I studied Tok Pisin almost twenty years ago, but I'm still learning it, still a student of the language.  I've a professional background in software development and web design, and have written several articles in the English Wikipedia.  If there's anything I can do to help with this Wikipedia, please let me know. K. Kellogg-Smith 03:55, 7 June 2007 (UTC)


  • Community portal Bung ples
Maybe Ples bung is better
  • Current events Karen afeas
  • Recent changes Nupela senis
  • Random page Soim wanpela pes
  • Help Halivim (?) (But this isn't a link that you click in order to help; it's a link that you click in order to get help; it is the English noun help (meaning aid or assistance), not the verb, that we really want to translate here. Does Halivim work for that?)
Well, Halivim, or helpim is a noun (help). I think Helpim would do.
  • Donations Givim moni

Search Painim

  • Go Go
  • Search Painim

Toolbox (?)

  • What links here Pes i gat linka igo long hia (?)
  • Related changes Senisim bilong pes igo long hia (?)
  • Upload file Mekim fail igo long hia (?) Salim fail (?) Givim fail (?)
  • Special pages Pes Spesol
Special pages presents special difficulty because of the special way in which the word special is being used in the English version. What we're looking for here is a Tok Pisin adjective that implies that the noun it modifies exists for a unique purpose that distinguishes it from its more typical counterparts. (Failing that, we could spell out the purpose verbosely, e.g., translate "Pages for finding things out about other pages" or somesuch, but it would be preferable to find a single term that carries the idea well enough.)

article Pes toksave (?)

Article > I guess atikel or atikol is fine.
On the top of the page: Edit > senisim pes ; history > taim bipo --Milaiklainim 11:27, 12 February 2006 (UTC)

about (?) discussion Toktok edit Raitim pes (?) Senisim pes (?) watch Lukluk pes (?) Bihainim pes (?) Mi nap tokoktok lo tok pisin na tu mi gat sampela save lo ol computa. Sapos no gat wanpela man i laik kamap administrata a ting mi nap. Just salim sampela tok tok i go tok pes blo mi na mi bai bekim. Wanpela samting -- tok pisin blo mi olsem highlands, so nogut sampela nambis lain ting ting mi tok kranki :!) 03:49, 6 October 2005 (UTC) Sapos yu nidim mi, mi tu gat sampela save long ol computa na. Mi tu mi mangi long hailands, tasol tok pisin bilong mi i kranki liklik. Sapos yu laik, mi ken kamap administrata. (If you need me, I can be an administrator) Tim Macready 17:40, 3 February 2006 (EST)

Hey Tim ! Please keep on! Please write new articles! best. --Milaiklainim 11:27, 12 February 2006 (UTC)
Welkam long Tok Pisin wikipedia. Mi bin administreta long janueri, na bikos yumi nogat planti manmeri hia yet ating wanpela administreta i inap long nau. Pastaim yu nidim mekim account na stat raitim sampela pes.
Nau, yu toktok Tok Pisin gutpela mo long mi. Sapos yu wok hia long longpela taim na mekim sampela contributions maebi mi ken mekim yu administreta. Caffelice 20:26, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

Categories[edit source]

Mi bin startim Category:kantri bicos
Wikipedia i kamap bikpela na bikpela Wiki
i gutpela tasol sapos i gat Categories.
Admin i can senisim nem Categories long arapela nem long Tok Pisin. lain? Toksave 12:56, 16 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Stub[edit source]

Mi bin mekin Template:Stub, tasol ol pes bilong wikipedia long Tok Pisin i sotpela nau na em i gat no mining yusim dispela template long olgeta pes yumi gat. Yumi nidim wanpela rule. Mi bai usim dispela template long ol pes i nogat tripela sentens mo. Caffelice 22:12, 31 December 2005 (UTC)

Front Page[edit source]

(Excuse me for writing in English at the moment) I have created the basic layout of the front page here: User:Caffelice/Pran pes which is largely based on Limburgish wikipedia. I need the Tok Pisin versions of the words of the main fields, which my small dictionary don't seem to have. As the page Jiograpi tells, there can be many possible versions and I just want someone who's more familiar with the language to provide something we can have a consensus on.

Also, if anyone with more computer skills and imagination comes up with a better and more unique layout, I'd really appreciate it. -- Caffelice 03:55, 2 January 2006 (UTC)

There are quite a few mis-spelt links on the front page (some of which are already pages), all with the same pattern:

-- Mattandrews 07:06, 21 April 2006 (UTC)

Mattandrews, yumi gat wanbel long spelim. Caffelice, ating Pes Fran i gutpela nau. Mi laik traim wokim sampela save long Lingwistiks taim klostu. (Mattandrews, I agree with you on these spellings. Caffelice, I think the main page layout is good for now. I would like to try adding to Lingwistiks soon.) Crshir 03:52, 12 April 2007 (UTC)