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Giraun o It emi namba tri planet bilong san. Emi nambawan bikpela planet long graun long rot bilong san. Giraun i moa hevi na bikpela long olgeta planets long rot bilong san. Em i kolim tu dispela Giraun, Planet Giraun, Gia, Tera, na dispela Wol.

Giraun  Astronomical symbol of Earth
A color image of Earth as seen from Apollo 17.
Famous "Blue Marble" photograph of Earth, taken from Apollo 17.
Adjective Terrestrial, Terran, Telluric, Tellurian, Earthly
Epoch J2000
Aphelion 152,097,701 km
1.0167103335 AU
Perihelion 147,098,074 km
0.9832898912 AU
Semi-major axis 149,597,887.5 km
1.0000001124 AU
Eccentricity 0.016710219
Average orbital speed 29.783 km/s
107,218 km/h
Inclination Reference (0)
7.25° to Sun's equator
Longitude of ascending node 348.73936°
Argument of perihelion 114.20783°
Satellites 1 (the Moon)
Physical characteristics
Mean radius 6,371.01 km
Equatorial radius 6,378.137 km
Polar radius 6,356.752 km
Surface area 510,065,600 km²
Volume 1.0832073 × 1012 km³
Mass 5.9736 × 1024 kg
Mean density 5,515.3 kg/m³
Equatorial surface gravity 9.78033 1 m/s²[1]
0.99732 g
Escape velocity 11.186 km/s 
40,270 km/h
Sidereal rotation
0.997258 d
23h 56m 04.09054s[1]
Equatorial rotation velocity 465.11 m/s
Axial tilt 23.439281°
Albedo 0.367
Surface temp.
min mean max
185 K 287 K 331 K
-88.3 °C 14 °C 57.7 °C
Surface pressure 101.3 kPa (MSL)
Composition 78.08% N2
20.95% O2
0.93% Argon
0.038% Carbon dioxide
Trace water vapor (varies with climate)
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