Indo-Yuropien famili bilong tokples

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Hap we istap: Before the fifteenth century, Europe, and South, Central and Southwest Asia; today worldwide.
Tokples famili: One of the world's major language families; although some have proposed links with other families, none of these has received mainstream acceptance.
Ol tokples insait:
Italik (Romans istap insait)
ISO 639-2: ine

     Countries with a majority of speakers of IE languages      Countries with an IE minority language with official status

Indo-Yuropien famili bilong tokples emi wanpela bikpela famili bilong tokples long Graun. Planti tokples bilong Yurop, Rasia, India na Iran istap long dispela famili. Igat planti liklik famili insait long em.

I gat planti mo liklik famili bilong tokples ol i dai bipo tu.

Tok Pisin, Bislama na Pijin igat planti hap tok bilong Tok Inglis tasol ol i no tokples bilong dispela famili. Ol i tokples Pisin o Kriol.

(Dispela pes Indo-Yuropien famili bilong tokples em i liklik tumas. Yu inap raitim moa sapos yu laik halivim Wikipedia. Hau?)