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Ripablik bilong India
भारत* Bhārat
Motto"Satyameva Jayate" (Sanskrit)
सत्यमेव जयते  (Devanagari)
"Tok tru tasol i win"[1]
SingsingJana Gana Mana
Yu bosim tingting bilong olgeta manmeri
National Song[4]
Vande Mataram
Mi soim rispek long yu, Mama!
Location of India
KapitolNew Delhi
Largest city Mumbai
Ol nesenel tokples:

Ol ofisel tokples:
Gavman Federal republic[8]
 -  Presiden Pranab Mukherjee
 -  Praim Minista Narendra Modi
Independens long Yunaitet Kingdom 
 -  Toksave 15 Ogas 1947 
 -  Ripablik 26 Januari 1950 
 -  Wara (%) 9.56
 -  2007 estimate 1.12 bilien[8] (2nd)
 -  2001 census 1,027,015,248 
GDP (PPP) 2006 estimate
 -  Olgeta 4,156 trilien[8] (4th)
 -  Long wanwan manmeri 3,737 (118th)
GDP (nominal) 2007 estimate
 -  Olgeta 1,0 trilien (12th)
 -  Long wanwan manmeri 820 (132th)
Gini (1999-2000) 32.5[9] (namel
HDI (2006) 0.611 (namel) (126th)
Karansi Rupi bilong India (₨) (INR)
Taim hap IST (UTC+5:30)
 -  Sama (DST) nogat (UTC+5:30)
Intanet kod .in[8]
Telefon kod 91

Republik bilong India i wanpela kantri bilong Saut Esia. Long not-westen sait, em i gat arere wantaim Pakistan, long not-isten sait wantaim Nepal, Bhutan na Saina, na long isten sait wantaim Bangladesh na Burma. Kapitol bilong India emi New Delhi. Tok ofisel bilong India i Tok Inglis na Tok Hindi.

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