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Holland can refer to:

Relating to the Netherlands[senisim | edit source]

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United Kingdom[senisim | edit source]

United States[senisim | edit source]

Settlements in the U.S. called (New)Holland.

People[senisim | edit source]

Submarines and ships[senisim | edit source]

A range of prototype and commissioned submarines were designed and built by, or named for, John Philip Holland. The prototypes were designated using the Roman numerals (I-VI). It should be noted that the Holland VI prototype became the USS Holland, the first US Navy submarine. The British Royal Navy submarines based on designs by Holland were designated using the Arabic numerals (1-6).

Prototype submarines[senisim | edit source]

Commissioned submarines and ships[senisim | edit source]

  • USS Holland (SS-1) (1900-1913) - in origin, this craft was launched in 1897 as the Holland VI prototype, and was given the USS Holland designation after it was commissioned in 1900 by the US Navy as its first submarine.[2]

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