Saut Amerika

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Saut Amerika

Hekte 17,840,000 km²
Manmeri 371,000,000
Kantri 12
Dependencies 3
Ol tokples Tokples Potugal,Tokples Spen, Tokples Frans, Quechua, Aymara, Guaraní, Tokples Itali, Tokples Inglis, Tokples Siamani, Tokples Holan, Tokples Siapan na planti moa
Taim UTC -2:00 (Brazil) to UTC -5:00 (Ecuador)
Ol Bikpela Siti São Paulo
Buenos Aires
Rio de Janeiro
Ol kantri i memba bilong SACN.

Saut Amerika em i wanpela hap bilong kontinen Amerika. Igat tupela narapela hap bilong Amerika: Not Amerika na Sentrel Amerika.

Kantri o teritori wantaim plak Hekte
(long Julai 2005)
Plak bilong Ajentina Ajentina 2,766,890 km² (1,068,302 sq mi)  39,537,943 14.3/km² (37/sq mi) Buenos Aires
Plak bilong Bolivia Bolivia 1,098,580 km² (424,164 sq mi)   8,857,870 8.1/km² (21/sq mi) La Paz, Sucre[1]
Plak bilong Brasil Brasil 8,514,877 km² (3,287,612 sq mi) 207,350,000 (2017) 24.4/km² (57/sq mi) Brasília
Plak bilong Sili Sili[2]   756,950 km² (292,260 sq mi)  15,980,912 21.1/km² (54.6/sq mi) Santiago
Plak bilong Kolambia Kolambia 1,138,910 km² (439,736 sq mi)  42,954,279 37.7/km² (97.6/sq mi) Bogotá
Plak bilong Ekuwado Ekuwado   283,560 km² (109,483 sq mi)  13,363,593 47.1/km² (122/sq mi) Quito
Plak bilong Foklan Ailans Ol Poklan Ailan (Yunaitet Kingdom)[3]    12,173 km² (4,700 sq mi)       2,967 0.24/km² (0.6/sq mi) Stanley
Plak bilong Giyana bilong Pranis Giyana bilong Pranis (Pranis)    91,000 km² (35,135 sq mi)     195,506 2.1/km² (5.4/sq mi) Cayenne
Plak bilong Giana Giana   214,970 km² (83,000 sq mi)     765,283 3.6/km² (9.3/sq mi) Georgetown
Plak bilong Paraguwai Paraguwai   406,750 km² (157,047 sq mi)   6,347,884 15.6/km² (40.4/sq mi) Asunción
Plak bilong Peru Peru 1,285,220 km² (496,226 sq mi)  27,925,628 21.7/km² (56.2/sq mi) Lima
Plak bilong Ol Saut Jojia na Saut Sanuwis Ailan Ol Saut Jojia na Saut Sanuwis Ailan (Yunaitet Kingdom)[4]     3,093 km² (1,194 sq mi)           0a 0/km² (0/sq mi) Grytviken
Plak bilong Surinam Surinam   163,270 km² (63,039 sq mi)     438,144 2.7/km² (7/sq mi) Paramaribo
Plak bilong Yuruguwai Yuruguwai   176,220 km² (68,039 sq mi)   3,415,920 19.4/km² (50.2/sq mi) Montevideo
Plak bilong Venesuwela Venesuwela   912,050 km² (352,144 sq mi)  25,375,281 27.8/km² (72/sq mi) Caracas

Ol referens[senisim | edit source]

  1. La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia; Sucre is the judicial seat.
  2. Includes Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean, a Chilean territory frequently reckoned in Oceania. Santiago is the administrative capital of Chile; Valparaíso is the site of legislative meetings.
  3. Claimed by Argentina.
  4. Also claimed by Argentina, the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean are commonly associated with Antarctica (due to proximity) and have no permanent population, only hosting a periodic contingent of about 100 researchers and visitors.